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What is coaching?

1. Working in partnership with a professional coach

2. A dedicated time for you to work on your challenges

3. A safe and confidential environment to allow yourself to be honest and vulnerable

4. The opportunity to delve deeper into who you are and get to know yourself better

5. Questions, coaching tools and exercises personalised for you

6. Having an accountability partner for you to achieve your personal and professional goals

How can coaching help you?

1. Getting a new perspective on your situation

2. Finding some clarity to focus on what you really want to achieve, to change or to accept

3. Identifying what is holding you back and lifting your roadblocks (fears, limiting beliefs …)

4. Reconnecting with your confidence, motivation, inner strengths and resources

5. Starting to put actions in place and moving forward

6. Achieving your goals

7. Becoming more self-reliant

Your Coaching Journey in 3 Steps

1. Book a free call

A first contact to talk about your needs and to see if we have a good feeling about working together.

Phone or video call.

2. The preliminary Session

During the initial session, we work together to identify your main goal and determine how many sessions are needed to get there.

3. Reach you goals!

Through a multi-session coaching programme, you lift your roadblocks, start putting things in place to reach your goal and get closer to it with every session.