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Business coaching

It’s no secret that happy and fulfilled employees perform better, so how do you make it happen?

Coaching offers a way to support your employees and teams, help them develop their strengths and self-awareness, increase their autonomy and commitment, which in turn will contribute to a thriving performance for your business.


Whether you are a new or a seasoned manager, how do you work towards becoming the leader you want to be?  How do you adjust your actions and behaviours to match your idea of what a leader should be?

From working on increasing your self-knowledge, assertiveness, relationships with others (clients, colleagues, senior management), communication or personal strategy; to managing your team’s different personalities and neurodiversity, dealing with interpersonal conflicts and preparing for difficult conversations, performance reviews, etc.

Coaching can provide a regular dedicated time to work through any of the challenges you encounter in your daily life as a manager.

Coaching enables you to broaden your self-knowledge and self-awareness and develop tools and solutions to deal with the daily professional challenges you encounter.


Individual coaching can help you with some of the difficulties in your professional life. It will help you clarify what needs to change and identify your own solutions to move forward.

Taking on a new role and new responsibilities, improving your decision making, dealing with setbacks and bouncing back after failure, developing your strengths and personal strategy.

Working more efficiently (time management, managing stress and emotions, dealing with procrastination or loss of purpose).

Improving self-knowledge, communication and relationships with others, dealing with difficult clients or colleagues, learning to say no. Boosting your self-confidence, public speaking skills, embracing your uniqueness or neurodiversity and allowing you to be yourself.

Some of the tools I use in individual and team coaching are: photolangage, storyboarding, kinesthetic exercises, role play, co-creation exercises. Exercises are tailored to the individual or the team and the specific challenges they encounter.


Coaching can benefit your teams at different stages, from their creation to improving their day-to-day functionning and their adaptation to change within your organisation.

Team coaching stimulates collective intelligence to benefit strategy, team cohesion and cooperation.

From setting common goals and vision for the team, empowering individual team members (responsibility and accountability), optimising team meetings, decision making and project performance, overcoming resistance to change, and learning to work together in multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary or multi-sites teams whilst allowing each individual to express themselves and thrive.

“Alone we go faster, together we go further.”

African proverb